Saturday, 22 September 2007

Creating a Business Architecture using TOGAF


The activities of TOGAF Phase B include documenting, discussing and understanding the business architecture of the organization, whether your scope is the complete enterprise or some subset of it.

The purpose and the benefit is to ensure that you can link your solution back to the things that are important to the business, at that point in time.

Although Business Architecture is positioned as Phase B in TOGAF, after the preliminary work and the specification of the architecture vision, the TOGAF documentation mentions, quite rightly, that an understanding of a company’s Business Architecture is a prerequisite for any architecture work and is therefore the first architecture activity that must be completed.

It is certainly where I start, having learned that any project which cannot be clearly and directly linked back to business needs and objectives, fails to galvanize the enduring commitment it needs to succeed.

There will be two primary tracks of work in your plan for this phase. The first will studiously capture and discuss the “baseline” (“as-is” or “current state”) business architecture. The second will capture and challenge the “target” (“to-be” or “future-state”) business architecture.

I will be adding various blog postings to discuss tools and techniques that can make the development of a Business Architecture productive and, surprisingly, more enjoyable.

I would be interested in hearing about any of your tricks of the trade!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nigel, thank you very much for your postings. I´m new at TOGAF, so they are helping me understand the framework. Diego.